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VIDEO: This Man Was “Eaten Alive” By Anaconda On Live TV

Out of all the extraordinary stunts that people try to pull off, this is perhaps the most dangerous. Simply for the sake of TRP, this man decided to get eaten alive by a giant anaconda! Yes, you read that right. He voluntarily agreed to get eaten by this dangerous creature …

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Florida Man Tries To Kiss Cottonmouth Snake, Hospitalized After Bite

Last Saturday one Floridian teen discovered just how quickly a relationship could turn sour as he kissed his new pet water moccasin for the last time, when it bit him on the face. The Wimauma local, 18-year-old Austin Hatfield, was purportedly admitted to Tampa General Hospital’s emergency room in critical …

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Watch what happens when a hydraulic press pulverizes live ammo

Bullets are behind a lot of the world’s problems. From illegal gun possession to mass shooting incidents, one small bullet is often the reason behind disasters that affect millions of people across the globe. Live bullets can be a real pain to destroy, but there is an answer. A hydraulic …

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Man in Arizona captures these images that are going viral. Some say it’s a demon, others say an angel.

A photo posted on the Internet by a US citizen has made a big impact on the Net, leaving many Internet users perplexed and even frightening some of them. Richard Christianson of the state of Arizona published in his Facebook account on January 1 the dismal image of a large …

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